Traverse Window Curtain Rods

Traverse curtain rods are one of the most popular curtain rods in use right now. This kind of curtain rods is designed to facilitate closing and opening of window curtains and draperies. It is convenient for use, especially, for pinch-pleat draperies which are quite heavy to open or close. With a single pull of a string at the side, you can readily open or close the curtain.

There are basically three kinds of traverse curtain rods depending on which direction the curtains are usually drawn. The split draw traverse curtain rod is basically the most commonly used traverse style considering the fact that most curtains are usually opened at the middle and split-drawn to the left and to the right. The split draw, for this reason, is also called center draw style. The split draw generally has greater carrying capacity because the weight of the draperies is decentered and spread across the rod when drawn. Moreover, two pulleys are placed at both ends of the traverse rod to allow for the traverse movement towards both sides. This style is very convenient for use in every window, and allows you the ease of opening and closing your window curtains at will. Furthermore, center draw traverse rods can be easily converted to one-way draw curtain style by simply removing the pulley on the one side.

If you prefer your curtains to be drawn to the right side, you should have the cord and pulley on the right side. This is basically the stack right, one way draw style. There are traverse rods for sale which are stacked back to the right side. You may prefer this style of traverse rods for several reasons such as the presence of a block or obstacle on the left side of the window. This may be a convenient way of avoiding the obstacle on the left side of the curtain trail. Yet, the one-way draw may pose some inconvenience especially in closing the curtains.

One-way draw, stack left is another style of traverse rods which allows the curtain to be drawn towards the left side of the window. As said earlier, there may be many reasons why one should prefer this kind of traverse rods. Yet the primary reason may be the presence of some obstacles on the right side of the window. The disadvantage however of a one-way draw stack style is the difficulty of opening and closing the curtains, especially, if the curtains are quite heavy.

Traverse rods can also be classified according to its structure. There are single traverse rods, double traverse rods, combo traverse rods, and empire traverse rods.

How to install a traverse curtain rod?

Installing a traverse curtain rod may require a bit of effort and a geometric know-how on your part. The reason for this is that you should exactly measure the distance of the different brackets from each other. Likewise, you got to size up the height where you are going to mount the curtain rods. All these works employ some of your basic knowledge about geometry. The first thing you should do in installing the traverse curtain rods is to get the measurement of spaces between the brackets. How far would you like to space the brackets? Should these brackets be several inches above the window? These are simple questions which you got to answer before engaging yourself in the mounting of the rods. Yet, after you have figured out the exact places for the brackets, you can mark the place for the screws.

Next, you can screw the brackets to the marked spots; but make sure that the brackets are properly aligned. Then, you can place the rod by inserting it into the brackets. Likewise, you should lock the rod into the brackets (Some traverse curtain rods are available as drop-in or push-in installation). Now, you can place the cord to your preferred side. Afterwards, place the cord in the middle of the pulley wheels. Then, you can attach the tension pulley to a place on the wall just way below the opening of the cord in the rod. Moreover, you can make a knot on the cord so that it will not slide back totally inside the cord opening. Then, when everything is properly attached, you can try hanging some curtains using some drapery hooks, and try to see if the pulley and the cord will freely work. If it works perfectly, then it’s time to congratulate you for having successfully installed your traverse curtain rod.

How to shop around for your traverse curtain rods?

Shopping around for your traverse curtain rod demands that you know the length of your window. So before you engage yourself in buying curtain rods, make sure that you got the exact length of your window. Allow for some extra length so that when you open the curtains, the whole view of the window will be left open. It is advisable therefore that get a curtain rod which is slightly longer than the actual dimension of the window. Likewise, you must also consider if there are some obstacles which may hinder the drawing of the curtain panels. Try to figure out too if you need a split draw or a one-way draw traverse curtain rod.

There are many sites which sell different kinds of traverse curtain rods. You can readily visit these sites to find out the best traverse curtain rod for your window. Moreover, you can easily compare their prices and see if they have free shipping and handling. The prices of curtain rods usually range from several dollars to more than a hundred dollars depending upon the design, materials, and brand. You can buy the traverse rod in sets, with all the necessary components which include a set of brackets, screws, and finials. You can also visit your nearest home depot to look for the exact fit for your window. In this way, you can personally measure the length of the traverse rod to get the exact fit for your window.


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